Neighbourhood Watch (NW) was formally launched at a public meeting for residents on 20th June 2013. It was introduced on roads where there was a strong level of interest and support registered together with an individual willing to act as a road co-ordinator. The following is a list of the roads launched in the first phase: Brighton Road, Gordon Avenue, Hainault Road, Joyce Avenue, Kerrymount Avenue, Kilteragh Road, The Birches, The Thicket, Westminster Road

A dedicated e-mail address has been set up for each of the roads above to facilitate communication regarding security recommendations, security issues and burglaries in the area. As approximately 75% of the Foxrock residents who have registered as members of NW have email addresses, it is intended that a system to communicate by way of a texting service via mobile phone will be in place early summer to communicate simultaneously with the balance of members without email access. (Please note that this texting service is an initiative driven by FACE and not An Garda Siochana as their service will not be available until next year.)

Information regarding the operation of Neighbourhood Watch can be found on Neighbourhood Watch works on the basis that each member of the community can help to improve the quality of life in the area by being security aware, keeping a look-out for neighbours and reporting suspicious activity to an Garda Siochana. The flow of information is crucial for their success in making our environment a safer place. In addition, please Click Here to ensure you are taking the necessary precautions to protect you and your home.

In the event of a break in, immediately contact An Garda Siochana on telephone: 6665400 and then, if possible, please text 086 3793709 and your Area Co-ordinator will send a text advising other residents on your road of the incident – please note: NO details re location of your home or incident are disclosed.

Internal communication to and between residents is also important for NW to operate effectively and efficiently therefore a high level of community interest and involvement benefits everyone. Accordingly we would ask that those who have not registered with NW should consider doing so at their earliest convenience. We are aiming to have all roads signed up by the end of the years so we would encourage you to join.

NW registration forms are available to download from the website, Click Here

Simply fill with your name, full address and contact details. Then it to Neighbourhood Watch, Evesham, Westminster Road, Foxrock. If you have any queries, please email:
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