James Joyce

Joyce Green

The “Joyce Green” project is part of a Foxrock Tidy Town’s initiative with the aim of helping to increase the variety of wildlife in the area and, at the same time, improve the overall landscape. Earlier this year we sought and received permission from DLRCoCo* to create this biodiversity area on the green area bordering Hainault Road and Joyce Avenue. This project included planting two wildflower meadows on part of the green area and laying bark paths, to improve access for the Community while protecting future planting, including autumn bulbs. As you will note from the photograph, the wildflower meadows are currently in bloom and include poppies of various types, cornflowers, toadflax, red orache and larkspur.

In addition to pollinators, it is hoped to attract many different kinds of insect and these, together with plant seeds, will be food for birds and small mammals such as hedgehogs. We have also installed a number of insect boxes and will shortly add several bird nesting boxes. The next stage of our plan is to follow through the project by providing a suitable interpretative board to explain the active wildlife and plants in the area, particularly to children. We have an arrangement with our landscape and maintenance company to manage the area in conjunction with DLRCoCo, who continue to maintain the grass areas. The final part of this project is to clear back the overgrown area adjacent to the wall bordering the area to improve the overall appearance of this large open space.

*as part of a DLRCoCo/Department of Environment once-off project for the creation of public spaces specifically by Tidy Towns Groups.