In order to update and rationalise the competition the previous Tidiness’ and ‘Litter Control’ sections have been merged to form this new category with additional marks provided.

General lack of clutter, blocked footpaths, redundant lamp poles, unsightly overhead electric cables, absence of graffiti and evidence of control of weed growth at kerbs.
Absence of unsightly and/or inappropriate advertising (e.g. On gables of buildings and mass-produced advertising banners in shop fronts). Please note that although general tidiness is evaluated and marked in this category, it is also considered under other categories including ‘The Built Environment’, ‘Approach Roads & Streets’ etc.

The adjudicator will asses the absence of litter and dumping, evidence of litter control strategy including regular litter patrols, segregation of collected litter during clean-ups and promotion of anti-litter awareness throughout the community.